New Extinction Trailer Reveals More Ogre Armor and Story Clues

If you’ve been waiting for a new Extinction Trailer to show you some more “spice” of this western reimage of Attack on Titan then your time has come. Extinction has an all-new gameplay trailer featuring the protagonist Avil, one of the world’s last defenders against the endless wave of Ravenii.

For those who are new to the idea of Extinction, the Ravenii are some kind of Ogre that range in size from that of a human to the size of a titan, tall as a 10 story building. Your quest is to fight off hordes of those Ravenii minions to get to their leader and take him out.

As we’ve seen from previous gameplay video from Sony, Avil will have to tear of the Ravenii leader’s armor to be able to cut off his limbs and finally kill him. We have seen leaders wearing wooden and golden armor and what mechanics they require. In this trailer,  many new armors are showcased giving us a hint about all the different strategies we will have to find in order to destroy them.

When looking at the new Extinction trailer, Avil has some cool mojo when hack-n-slashing the enemy minions and can even aerial fight with the flying units of the Ravenii. Even though we knew that these features existed it was cool seeing them in action.

Another thing we could find out from the new Extinction trailer is a bit of exposition about its story. The guy narrating the trailer must be our protagonist, Avil. He states that even though the Ravenii where extinct, their possible return was a thing that he could foresee. They grew stronger while being forgotten and hidden in the shadows and now that they are back “the age of heroes is at its end”.

Extinction is an action based video game developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Maximum Games, which reminds us a bit of Attack on Titan in the aspect of its mechanics. It has an estimated release window on Q1 of 2018.