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The New ASUS RX 560 Has A Higher Core frequency But Lower Number Of Cores And Memory Frequency

The new ASUS RX 560 features a core frequency of 1,197 MHz as compared to the standard 1,100 MHz. The card features the DirectCU II cooler that comes with 0 DB technology. This reduces noise and saves on fan rotation. Like all things related to PCs the new ASUS RX 560 features RGB lighting.

THe higher base clock comes at a cost and the drawback is that the number of GPU cores are 896 as compared to the standard 1,024 and the memory frequency of is 6,000 MHz as compared to the standard 7,000 MHz.

896 Stream Processors is the same number as the AMD RX 460 and the AMD RX 560D that is supposed to be aimed at miners. You can check out more information regarding the AMD RX 560D here. The RX 560 will also be coming to laptops in the future.

All in all, this is a good looking card with dual fans which should be plenty to keep the card cool when gaming. The Black shroud should blend in with the rest of the hardware and you have the option to sync the RBD light with the rest of your build.

This is an entry-level GPU so do not expect to run AAA titles with all settings maxed out. Turn down the settings a little and you should be able to get decent FPS in almost every game. This graphics card is mainly for the MOBA players.

Furthermore, the ASUS RX 560 features a 128-bit memory bus and comes with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory. For display output, you get a DisplayPort, HDMI2.0 port and DVI-D. Nothing too fancy here. Seeing how this is a custom GPU, you can expect to see some decent performance as compared to the reference design models.

Let us know what you think about the ASUS RX 560 and whether or not you are interested in buying the game.