Meet “Graveyard Shift” Street League From Need For Speed: Payback

Need For Speed: Payback is over a month away from launch and developer Ghost Games has given us a first look at the game’s local street league, Graveyard Shift. Graveyard Shift is one of many local street leagues that players will encounter while playing Need For Speed: Payback.

Graveyard Shift was revealed in a short video posted on official Need For Speed Twitter account. However, the video doesn’t really give us much information about this Need For Speed: Payback Graveyard Shift street league. The league borrows heavily from “Day Of The Dead” Imagery.

According to Ghost Games, the leader of the Graveyard Shift is a woman “known as “La Catrina,” the name of a famous Day of the Dead figure. The daughter of a Fortune Valley mortician, she always races with full “calavera” makeup and black clothes.”

Also, Ghost Games has revealed Speed Cards and has also discussed what they mean for the gameplay.

According to creative director Will Ho, the studio wanted the performance upgrades and customization to be the front and center of Need For Speed: Payback and these Speed Cards do just that.

So, every time you win a race, every time you complete a mission, we’re going to give you a part. We give you a chance to draw from three different what we call Speed Cards, and then you get to choose one and you’re always going to get something cool, something that enhances your performance: it may have some strengths, it may have some weaknesses and that’s for you to judge.

Also, the game might also make its way to Nintendo Switch. According to executive producer Marcus Nilsson, there is no Nintendo Switch version for the time being.

Need For Speed: Payback is a racing title in development at Ghost Games and is scheduled to launch November 10, 2017, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: EA