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Detroit Become Human Is Quantic Dream’s Most Ambitious Project Yet

According to Jason Stewart, a producer at Sony XDev Europe, Detroit Become Human is one of the most ambitious projects that Quantic Dream, its development studio, has ever worked on. Considering how it looks and all of the decisions we’ll allegedly have in the game, he might actually be right.

Detroit Become Human is the latest game from Quantic Dream, the David Cage-helmed studio that has given us a large number of narrative games such as Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls. Each of those games have had a wide variety of different outcomes that could come of them, and Detroit is no exception. Players will be taking on the role of a variety of different characters that will each have their own impact on the story.

All of this work and the motion capture required means that a great deal of script-writing and motion capture was required for the game, likely even more than Beyond Two Souls, which looked similarly good and which had just as much movement as this likely will.

According to Stewart, all of the work that was required to get all of the motion capture, script writing, and voice acting takes it far beyond other Quantic Dream games like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, the studio’s two most recent titles.

However, the success of Detroit Beyond Human, regardless of how much work actually goes into the game, depends on whether or not the game can actually be good and throw off the negative reputation David Cage’s games have had in the past few years. Beyond Two Souls, its most recent and resource-intensive game, received positive reviews but also got a lot of criticism for its poorly-told narrative, bad characters, and poor writing.

While what we’ve seen in various trailers and E3 footage have looked promising, we’ll see how it holds up when Detroit Become Human comes out on the Playstation 4 sometime next year.