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The Xbox One X Version Of Assassin’s Creed Origins Has “The Whole Of Egypt”

With Assassin’s Creed going more and more into huge open world environments, Ubisoft PR manager David Burroughs has said that the Xbox One X version of Assassin’s Creed Origins has the whole of Egypt in it. While this is obviously hyperbole, it speaks to the enormous size of the game.

Assassin’s Creed Origins takes place in Ptolemaic Egypt, and will apparently have the biggest open world of any Assassin’s Creed game, along with the one that takes place farther back than any of the other games. Players will be able to go to the cities of Alexandria and Memphis, see the Great Pyramids of Giza in all their ancient glory (including their formerly whitewashed limestone exterior and the golden caps that were placed on their peaks), along with traveling the desert.

While the standard promise of any open-world game is that you can literally go anywhere that you can see, there’s also the fact that this is likely hyperbole; while you were able to travel huge distances in the last few Assassin’s Creed games, Assassin’s Creed Origins’s Egypt could be the biggest one yet.

Even if only the Xbox One X version of Assassin’s Creed Origins has such a huge area when it comes to the game’s Egypt, the fact that it might be limited to the Xbox One X and the game may be smaller and less detailed when it comes to the regular Xbox One and the Playstation 4 might persuade gamers to buy an Xbox One X in order to get the “full experience” of the game.

Either way, hopefully the Xbox One X version of Assassin’s Creed Origins won’t be the end-all be-all version of the game to buy. Assassin’s Creed Origins will be coming out on October 27 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and also on the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.