Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Keys From Outside of PS Store Aren’t Working

Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta is live now on PlayStation 4. Players can download the client and access the game early but there seems to be a major problem at hand right now that’s stopping players from downloading the client.

According to a number of reports from our readers, they aren’t able to download the client. The reason is that they bought the game from a third party retailer such as Amazon, EB Games, GAME etc. The keys obtained from these sources aren’t working for many.

However, keys grabbed from within the PlayStation Store are working just fine. Reports are coming in from Australia, UK, United States, and other regions so this seems to be a widespread issue. Sony hasn’t acknowledged the problem for the time being so there isn’t any fix available.

It is just a waiting game, for now, a fix for Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta keys should be out in the next few hours. Are you having issues with Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Keys? Let us know if you have a workaround to share with our readers in the comments.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is releasing on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Preorders for the game are live on EA Origin, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Marketplace as well as third-party retailers. But it seems ordering from third parties isn’t a good idea right now.

You can head over here to know more about Battlefront 2 beta. Keep in mind that the beta is exclusive to PS4 till October 6. The open beta for the game will be available on October 6 and will start at 1 am PDT, 4 am EDT, 9 am BST, and 10 am CEST. The beta will continue till October 9 and will end at 9 am PDT, 12 pm EDT, 5 pm BST, and 6 pm CEST. Also, there might be a chance that the beta will be extended.