Spider-Man Infinite Loop Bug in MVC: Infinite Under Observation By Capcom

There was a serious bug reported, in Marvel versus Capcom Infinite gameplay. This bug consisted of Spider-Man infinite loop, using the Reality Stone’s Infinity Surge combined with his web ball.

Because of the Spider-Man infinite loop in Marvel versus Capcom Infinite, players who chose Spider-man gained the upper hand and with the Infinity Surge and Web ball loop this ruined the match balancing and competitive longevity of the game.

The Infinity Stones have introduced a new way to get a competitive advantage over your opponents. The infinity surge bug is from the Reality Gem (Red) where It shoots a slow projectile that homes in on the opponent, but dissipates after a little while.

Capcom recently tweeted saying that they’re aware of the Spider-Man infinite loop and their team is looking into it and will update accordingly. For a better understanding of the bug, we recommend you to watch this video and see for yourself:

Some players, even suggested a fix on twitter, for capping the Reality Stone’s Infinity Surge, but not everyone seems to agree with it. Similarly, no Fix has been confirmed by Capcom yet. Therefore we cannot say for sure what will be the final change to rebalance the character.

Marvel versus Capcom is none the less a fun game with lots of comical vibe from the Marvel-verse specially related to the recent movies and TV shows, but there are some issues with the game that you can read in detail here.