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Halloween Terror confirmed to arrive for Overwatch next week

Following an earlier rumor, Blizzard has officially confirmed that Halloween Terror will indeed return to Overwatch next week with a number of surprises.

At least two new spooky skins are pegged for arrival. This includes McCree and Reaper, where the former takes on the role of Van Helsing and the latter removes his hood to showoff a different kind of skull. Junkrat is rumored to be getting a new skin as well.

The debut of Halloween Terror last year received great applause from the community. Blizzard introduced a number of exclusive skins, various loot for all participating heroes on the roster, and a brand new mode to celebrate the occasion.

Players can expect a similarly loot-rich event this year as well. It is likely that the Halloween skins from last year will return to the store at a reduced cost. The same happened when Blizzard hosted the Summer Games recently.

Halloween Terror kicks off for Overwatch on October 10. Expect more details to arrive as we approach the weekend. Make sure to have a healthy wallet when the time comes.

What hero are you hoping to see receive a Halloween-themed skin? Is it too soon to see Doomfist get a new alternative outfit?