First Divinity Original Sin 2 Speedrun Beats The Game In Under An Hour

The first-ever Divinity Original Sin 2 speedrun has been recorded, beating the game in just 37 minutes through the use of a number of exploits to escape fights and avoid them otherwise. The person responsible for the achievement is named Onin, and he’s the first to speedrun the game since its launch.

Divinity Original Sin 2 only launched a little under a month ago on September 14, so someone already figuring out a way to speedrun the game in as short a time as this is definitely an achievement for him to be proud of…at least until some other speedrunner manages to make another way to beat the game that’s even faster than 37 minutes and 48 seconds.

Odin was able to complete his Divinity Original Sin 2 speedrun so quickly by using a number of exploits dealing with his abilities in both race and class. To start off with, he chose the preset character Fane, an undead that has the special racial ability “Play Dead”, which fools enemies into thinking you’re dead and thus ending the fight, especially since he’s the only character being played.

After escaping from the fights, Odin then proceeds through the rest of the game, skipping through all of the dialogue (of course) as he does so. Along with using Play Dead, Odin also makes use of a number of skills like Tactical Retreat and Cloak and Dagger in order to both jump around levels as quickly as possible and to maintain stealth.

All of this combines together to allow him to speedrun the game fairly quickly for what should be an hours-long RPG. So, if you want to go see him do the Divinity Original Sin 2 speedrun for yourself, you can look further up the article and look at it there. Divinity Original Sin 2 is currently available exclusively for the PC.