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Far Cry 5 Cult Music Is Apparently Nice To Listen To, Despite Audio Director’s Misgivings

When the Far Cry 5 music director, Tony Gronick, first created the various hymns that the evil cultists in Far Cry 5 would be singing, he thought that players might be inspired to hunt down the cultists faster in order to kill them and stop the cultists’ unceasing Far Cry 5 cult music.

However, it turns out that it had the opposite effect: players apparently found the cultist hymns so pleasing to the ears that they’re specifically turning over to the Far Cry 5 cult music station in order to listen to it. However, since the game revolves around the player character freeing Hope County, Montana from the Heaven’s Gate cult, you’ll still have to kill them.

With the hymns of the apocalyptic cult of Heaven’s Gate being performed by the

">Bobby Shin Nashville Choir, it’s no surprise that something like that could actually be fairly pleasant to listen to, even if the cult themselves are a bunch of vicious monsters that don’t deserve your sympathy or mercy.

Apparently the various different locations that you’ll be visiting over the course of Far Cry 5. For instance, a river will have a soundtrack more based on psychedelic rock, while the mountains around Hope County have a more industrial and dark feel to it.

Various radio stations run by the villains are a common thing in many of the more recent Far Cry games, such as Far Cry 4, where Pagan Min’s royal army maintained a propaganda radio station that criticized the rebellion you were helping while also singing Pagan Min’s praises, despite him being a brutal dictator.

If you want to hear the Far Cry 5 cult music for yourself, all you have to do is wait for a little while longer until Far Cry 5 comes out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on February 27 of next year.