Experience The Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom In New Footage

Nintendo has released some new footage of the Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom, where you can run around and explore, fight bosses, and capture a T-rex for Mario to control himself. The T-rex has been one of the most talked-about parts of the game, since nothing like that’s been in a Mario game before.

The Cascade Kingdom is a beautiful area filled with meadows and waterfalls, hence the name Cascade, but it seems like here, much like the other kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey, that there are things that Mario is going to have to fix in order to save the area and all of the other lands that will be in Super Mario Odyssey.

We’ve already gotten a few examples of the various outfits that Mario can make use of in the game (making coins serve a purpose other than scoring like previous Mario games), but the Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom video shows us some more, including various hats and outfits, such as a caveman outfit that kind of fits with the T-rex.

Much like the Seaside Kingdom, the Cascade Kingdom features a large number of beautiful landscapes. On the actual play area there are meadows and lots of beautiful waterfalls, but even off the play area, far in the distance, you can see a vast ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see.

In the Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom footage, we also get to see the sort of things you would use a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex for, if you had the ability to take over one and use it for yourself. For instance, those Chain Chomps that have been the scourge of every Mario Player because of their invincibility? Not anymore, with the help of a T-rex!

Super Mario Odyssey will be coming out later this month on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch, so if you want to play it and control a T-rex for yourself, now’s your chance.