Destiny 2 Faction Rallies Concluded, Dead Orbit Announced As Winner

Destiny 2 Faction Rallies has officially ended with the weekly reset and the winners are now announced. Dead Orbit is the first winner of the Faction Rallies and the Tower has been decorated appropriately to celebrate their victory.

During the Destiny 2 Faction Rallies, the factions had to compete in the week-long Faction Rallies event and score the most reward packages. At the end of the event, after the weekly reset, a winner is announced and the weekly rewards are available for purchase to the factions.

This Faction Rallies’ legendary loot is a scout rifle named Haunted Earth, which can be bought by Dead Orbit leader Arach Jalaal. For Dead Orbit members it costs 1000 glimmer, for everyone else 50000. The Haunted Earth will be available for purchase for the next 7 days so if you have the glimmer for it, go ahead and grab it as soon as you can.

Also during that time you will be able to redeem the Faction tokens you may still own for more rewards. Some of the rewards are: the Anti-Extiction armor, the Heart of Time pulse rifle, the Sovereign armor, the Song of Justice scout rifle and more. Keep in mind that you can get up to 30 gear pieces from the Faction Rallies rewards. Any more that you get will just unlock a shader.

Before the event Bungie had announced some tips for the Faction Rallies event:

  • After the event ends, you can no longer earn Faction Rallies tokens.
  • You can, however, redeem any tokens you still have.
  • All engrams from a faction vendor will be automatically decrypted and sent to your inventory when the rest takes place.

The Destiny 2 Faction Rallies will be back but probably not this week, since Bungie announced that it won’t be a weekly event. Bungie is pretty strict with the Destiny 2 schedules and all updates and events are planned and delivered as scheduled. It is just a matter of days until the next Faction Rallies are announced and a new winner is yet again announced.

Details have been leaked regarding the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event which will probably be the next event in Destiny 2. Bungie has not revealed anything yet but, fans have found some details regarding Destiny 2 Iron Banner event from the game’s database.

The company has also previously hinted some mild nerfs and balances on some of the game’s guns since they just got their hands on the first player data since Destiny 2 launched so we may see some changes in the loadout soon.