Bluehole apologizes for recent PUBG server issues, highlights overpopulation

The servers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) have been suffering from severe connectivity issues in the past few weeks. The weekend, in particular, made it extremely frustrating for players when they attempt to the play the game. Most encountered a number of login errors and those who did get in faced disconnections while playing.

“Our development team has been continuously upgrading the service architecture to address the increasing concurrent player numbers and tackle any emerging issues,” Bluehole assured earlier today. “Despite our daily efforts, there were some unexpected issues during peak times and we were unable to resolve some of the issues as fast as we would have wanted to.”

The developer highlighted (via Dot Esports) the fact that the number of players have surpassed all expectations for the game. PUBG recently hit 1.6 million concurrent players on Steam, and has been following the threshold closely since then. The overpopulation is taking a toll on the online infrastructure and the developer is finding it hard to keep up.

“We anticipated about one million concurrent users in the beginning of our Early Access period and that is when our lobby server was initially designed,” Bluehole added further. “Since the end of June, our concurrent player base saw a rapid increase so we started designing a new server architecture. However, the number of users increased faster than our development speed which resulted in more connection and server issues recently.”

Last week, creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene acknowledged the issue of lag and disconnections faced by many players. He confirmed that the development team is working on several optimizations for the netcode. In addition, work is being put in for new servers across the globe in current as well as new regions.

Despite the online problems, PUBG is still looking at a full official launch later this year. We can hope that the developer is able to find a robust solution by then.