Riot Games fires lead employee after he wished “testicular cancer” on an infamous streamer

Aaron “Sanjuro” Rutledge, a lead experience designer at Riot Games, ignited a severe backlash over the weekend when he made inappropriate comments about Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, an infamous toxic streamer who is permanently banned from League of Legends.

While in the discord channel for the League of Legends subreddit, Sanjuro wrote that he would be “gucci” if Tyler1 dies “from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids.” Instead of apologizing, the employee went ahead to defend himself and made several more inappropriate comments in the process.

Riot Games finally had to step in several hours later for damage control and offered an apology to both the streamer and community. It promised to conduct an internal investigation, the results of which have now arrived.

Sanjuro has been fired from Riot Games. His in-game username no longer holds the “Riot” prefix and his username on Discord has similarly been adjusted. In addition, he is said to have updated his departure from the company on his Facebook account as well.

Riot Games takes its public image very seriously. Regardless of what a player has done in the past or continues to do, employees from the Fortune 100 company are expected to behave professionally. Their public demeanor is also held to the highest standards.

As for Tyler1, he is often referred to as the most toxic player in North America. Despite his reputation, he continues to claim that he has reformed. He has also appealed a few times in the past for Riot Games to remove his permanent ban. His history not only includes verbal abuse in League of Legends but also intentional feeding, player harassment, all manner of unruly behavior, and account sharing.