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New mode, costumes, and classic stages data-mined for Street Fighter V

Capcom is apparently working on several more pieces of content for Street Fighter V that might see the light of day before the year concludes.

In another round of data mining, prominent community member “X-Kira” discovered more wares and stages hidden deep within the code-lines of the game.

Several characters on the roster, such as R. Mika and Akuma, have additional slots for new costumes. However, it is unknown as to how these alternative outfits will look like. Both Urien and Birdie have their classical stages being remade, while Kolin and Menat have brand new ones in the pipelines.

Finally, Dramatic Battle appears to be returning to Street Fighter V. The game mode made its debut in the Alpha series and allows a player to fight against two characters at once in challenging fashion.

It is important to note that files related to the long-eluding arcade mode were previously discovered in the game. In addition, an online retailer listed “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” a couple of weeks back for launch in January. Both appear to be connected and it is believed that Capcom will be announcing the new edition at PlayStation Experience (PSX) in early December, when it will also probably announce a season pass for the third year.

Capcom is confirmed to be attending New York Comic-Con 2017 later this week. There is strong likelihood that the developer will be taking the convention as an opportunity to announce the final character to conclude the ongoing second season of Street Fighter V. Some of the content data-mined so far may also get an official acknowledgement as well.