Modern Combat Versus Beginners Guide – Special Abilities, Improve Accuracy, Movement, Daily Rewards

Modern Combat Versus is Gameloft’s take on Rainbow Six Siege. You have a number of Agents with their strengths and weaknesses and you must use them to beat opponents in a 4 vs. 4 online matches. This Modern Combat Versus Beginners Guide lists some very important tips and tricks that will help you get started with the game as a player new to these type of games can be quite behind the learning curve.

Modern Combat Versus Beginners Guide

Read on our Modern Combat Versus Beginners Guide to discover what strategies you should employ and what the best way to quickly learn the game is.

Modern Combat Versus Tips and Strategies

Understand the Controls

The controls may seem quite intuitive and easy to understand, however, do not be fooled! The controls will need quite a time for you to master them. Understand the timing of sprinting as sprinting everywhere is definitely not a good option.

Tapping twice on the right side of the screen will allow you to control the crosshair of your weapon. You can also customize the controls to make them feel better and more suited to your own playstyle.

Understand your Special Ability

Each of the 12 different Agents in the game employs a Special Ability. You need to understand this ability and the timing of when to use it. Using your special ability at the right time can literally turn the tide of the battle.

You should also learn to manage your Core Charges that are used to activate your special ability. They are in very limited amounts but they recharge over time. You can recharge them faster by killing an enemy or controlling a zone.

Time Your Reloads

I know, seems pretty simple, right? Well, a lot of times you will be caught in the heat of the battle and will forget to reload in between engagements. Make sure you reload manually whenever you have a chance so that you do not die because of such an obvious and simple mistake.

Score Headshots

Headshots in most mobile games are usually just for show; however, in Modern Combat Versus, there is actually a very good reason to be aiming for the head. You want to kill an enemy before they can shoot back at you and the way to do that is to kill them in one hit.

Scoring headshots is the way to do that, you will know you are shooting at their head if you see the counter turn yellow when you are shooting. Headshots will make quick work of the enemy even if they do not kill them at the first one.

Practice Movement

As is the case with almost every shooter game that you will play, you need to keep on moving in the game. This will make you unpredictable. It is best to move in erratic patterns to confuse your enemy as much as you possibly can. This will also make it difficult for opponents to headshot you.

Play Multiple Matches a Day

You get a good supply of free crates every day. However, you do need to get them unlocked by performing certain tasks. You need to play at least 6 games a day as this will allow you to get the most of the free crates. That is much easier than it sounds as games usually only last a few minutes.

That is all we have for our Modern Combat Versus Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!