First Version Of Witcher Footage Revealed Before It Became A Franchise

Did you ever wonder how would The Witcher look if it was a 90’s videogame? Actually before The Witcher became a thing, it was a completely different project by a Polish studio back in the 90’s. Now footage of this first version of Witcher can be seen in a video, where alongside with the gameplay you can check an interesting interview with two of the people who worked on the development of this first Witcher game.

Jarek Sobierski and Kacper Reutt, who both worked on the creation of the 3d engine that was powering this first version of witcher, gave a few information about what this game was about and why it didn’t get to where it should be.

So, story telling time! Before Witcher got picked by CD Projekt Red to become what it is today, a Polish studio by the name of Metropolish Software gave it a go in 1997. The game’s development was headed by Adam Chmielarz, former co-owner and creative director of People Can Fly whose credits would go on to include Bulletstorm and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It was Chmielarz who actually coined the English translation “The Witcher,” from the Polish title of the series Wiedźmin.

Even though the game had almost flawless graphics standards for the time it was created, it merely stayed a demo as it was cancelled for being “too ambitious” while the developers were busy with other projects and needed to stay afloat.

As the two developers stated though, they are happy their title was created by CD Projekt Red in the end, as they did a fantastic job and they managed to depict it and promote it as it deserved. Jarek Sobierski and Kacper Reutt on the other hand never took part in gaming development after this first version of Witcher, even though they are some the founding stones in the creation of a videogame legend.