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Gigabyte X399 DESIGNARE EX With Stainless Shield Armor| Industry Grade Components

Gigabyte revealed its new motherboard for AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, the Gigabyte X399 DESIGNARE EX. The motherboard looks solid with the premium quality backplates and frontal covering plates. The Mosfets, capacitors and VRMs are of top notch quality.

Gigabyte X399 DESIGNARE EX is marketed with Stainless Shield Armor coating around the ports and slots of PCIE, M.2 NVMe and Thermal Heat Sink. The armor plate gives the PCB components long life and durability, including better temperatures and also protects the user with sharp areas of the motherboard.

Gigabyte X399 DESIGNARE EX supports 10 RGB fusion with Digital LED modes. USB ports with precision Digital Fuse that blocks reverse current flow and port damaging. There 8 points of temperature sensors  to monitor the entire PCB temperature precisely, between north and south bridge and 6 fan ports for smart temperature controlling.

Gigabyte used the IR Digital PWM technology for Gigabyte X399 DESIGNARE EX . According to the website “This new generation of IR® digital power controllers and PowIRstage® ICs feature Isense technology, which provide more precise current sensing accuracy. This helps evenly distribute the thermal loading between the PowIRstage® ICs, preventing the overheating of each individual PowIRstage®, resulting in longer lifespan and better reliability.”

This also includes Chokes to manage CPU VRM effectively with server grade quality. The 50A VRMs can easily manage higher current capacity and reduce heat creation during intense loads. The M.2 Thermal guard prevent the NVMe storage from overheating and dissipates it immediately.

To top it all off the Gigabyte X399 DESIGNARE EX offers 48 lanes for the PCIe hardware to provide full fledge 4-way or 3-way SLI support, for people who want that extra sauce of multiple GPU configurations. Similar to its peers, Gigabyte now also has its very own unique top of the line motherboard with industry grade components and front / back armor shields for The Threadripper CPUs.