This Fan Made The Last Of Us 2 Menu Looks Hauntingly Gorgeous

The Last of Us fans are quite excited for the upcoming sequel and a fan-made The Last Of Us 2 menu has made its way on the internet. This The Last Of Us 2 Menu is a collaboration between YouTuber Maarten Hof and ArtStation and the results are just beautiful.

The video which you can see above showcases the fan-made The Last Of Us 2 menu and also gives an idea about how the menu could like. Fans will quickly recognize that the menu uses a mix of aesthetics of the reveal trailer and the menu from the first game.

It has been almost a year since the first trailer for The Last Of Us 2 was revealed and since then Sony has showcased or revealed almost nothing about the game. However, Sony has announced that is will be making big game announcements at Paris Games Week and we are hopeful that we will get more details or a new trailer for the game.

Also, Naughty Dog rolled out a new The Last Of Us 2 poster for the 4th annual Outbreak day celebration and since the poster has been rolled out, many fans have found that there is a hidden image in the poster and there are a lot of theories about it.

The Last Of Us 2 is being co-written by Halley Gross who is known for her work on the hit HBO series, Westworld. Neil Druckmann confirmed that Westworld writer will be co-writing the upcoming The Last Of Us 2.

Also, Sony has confirmed that Bruce Straley, who has worked on most of the Naughty Dog titles and also directed The Last Of Us, will not be returning to direct the sequel.

So are you excited for The Last Of Us 2? What are your expectations from the much-anticipated sequel? Let us know in the comments.