Destiny 2 Raid Boss Successfully Beaten By Two Guardians

The final Destiny 2 raid boss on the Leviathan has been beaten once again. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a big achievement if you have good enough gear and are high enough level, but this time the challenge was undertaken and beaten by just two Guardians, where normally six would be required to play.

Raids are supposed to be one of the ultimate challenges in Destiny, featuring a large number of bosses with certain gimmicks and mechanics, to say nothing of fighting your way to each one through other sorts of gimmick encounters.

These two Guardians, one of whom is named Cookiez, were able to complete the raid’s final boss, Emperor Calus, not just by themselves, but also apparently in just fifteen minutes.

According to Polygon, who broke the story, the secret lies, as most speedrunner things do, with a glitch. In the case of that glitch, a player named Adnan Özsarigöl discovered that if you go all the way to the right side of the level, and then keep going up, you’ll eventually get stuck in the terrain where Calus can’t reach you, allowing you to beat the Destiny 2 raid boss with ease.

With that in mind, all one person has to do is shoot the Psion Councilors, while the other goes in and makes use of the raid’s psionic charges to inflict damage.

It’s easier to see than it is to explain here, but either way it made the battle, previously a long and grueling affair like most final raid bosses, take only fifteen minutes.

The Leviathan raid is currently available to play in Destiny 2 if you’re over 270 Light (otherwise it’ll be way too difficult for you), so if you want to take it on and haven’t already, go ahead. If you want to see the Destiny 2 raid boss exploit for yourself, you can look at the video of the event above.