PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Steam Reviews Gone Down Since a Minor 500MB Update Bugged the Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Steam reviews have been mostly negative since a recent update bugged its matchmaking and UI. A few days ago, PUBGs got an update that added “enhanced breathing animations,” following the major September update.

The update messed up the game’s UI as well the matchmaking algorithm. Players in the same party are randomly dropped with others instead of their teammates. Moreover, some members of the party are unable to load into the game until the entire squad restart the game or refresh the UI.

Here are some of the negative PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Steam reviews.

In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BANNINGGROUNDS one player (you) must find a way to make it to the end of a 100 man battle royale located in modern day Detroit without getting banned for killing streamers whether they are streaming or not. Additionally, if you choose to kill the guy that is team killing your squad you also get banned for team killing. Get used to it hater.

Another user wrote:

This lobby simulator has a nice battle royale minigame.

If you enjoy refreshing the lobby at least 15 times per match then this is the game for you.

10/10 would refresh again

While a different user wrote:

Why is the movement so clunky and awkward?
Why is the spectator mode so desynced in a game where death is permanent and you have nothing to do but watch your friends after you die?
Why do the menus not work half the time, needing to be refreshed before a simple button works?
Why does the game default to solo on the Asian server after every single game even though I always select solo FPP on the North American server?
Why is the scoring system so inconsistent?
Why can’t I- as the passenger in a car- drink an energy drink while the car is moving?
Why do my ankles snap when getting out of a vehicle moving at about five miles per hour when I’m able to jump off the roof of a school and carry on like nothing happened?
Why are loot and vehicles so poorly distributed across the map?
Why does nearly every two story house have only one way to get upstairs?
Why are the graphics so bad?
Why is turning down certain graphics settings advantageous in a game like this?

Still, millions play Battlegrounds which leads us to believe that this is the “best worst game to ever release.” Battlegrounds has been in early access for 6 months and being in early access in a good excuse for the developers right now. However, they are adding glitter while the core mechanics are facing serious issues. Comms aren’t working and a 500MB update for “enhanced breathing animations” messed up matchmaking.