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Overwatch Halloween Terror leaked to be returning next week

Halloween Terror made its debut last year for Overwatch with smashing success. Blizzard introduced a number of exclusive skins, various loot for all participating heroes on the roster, and a brand new mode to celebrate the spooky occasion.

The special event is expected to return this year as well with all sorts of digital goodies. If a claim is to be believed, players will be trick-or-treating as soon as next week.

According to a recent post on Reddit, Halloween Terror is scheduled to launch for Overwatch on October 9. The leaked promotional poster from an alleged retailer looks highly convincing and we will know for sure in the coming days. Provided that the event does kick off on the prescribed date, players can expect a whole month of participation.

Two things to note here. “GME” is actually the stock market ticker for GameStop and “POSA” is an acronym for point off sale activated, which means that the marketed balance cards in the poster will only activate for the game by a cashier at checkout.

The leak could be fake but seasonal events usually tend to begin for Overwatch around the first or second week of the month, lasting for the next three or more weeks. Blizzard has a habit of making announcements closer to the release date. Hence, the event may be officially confirmed on the coming weekend.

Last year, Halloween Terror brought out some of the best skins that Overwatch has received so far. It includes the likes of Witch Mercy and Pumpkin Reaper.