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Jax suspected to be crashing League of Legends for entire teams

A new game-breaking bug has possibly made its way into League of Legends with the recent update and involves the Grandmaster at Arms in some nefarious way.

According to a recent thread on Reddit, multiplayer players have already reported instances of their entire team facing bug-splats while playing League of Legends. The only common factor in all of them is Jax, which could be an incredible coincidence or the root cause of the problem.

It is still unknown as to what exactly is triggering the bug. Some have theory-crafted that it involves wards and traps being placed around the champion. It must also be noted that it is not necessary for the team with Jax to be the only one having their clients crash. The opposition has an equal probability of getting booted for whatever reason.

Riot Games is aware of the problem but has yet to identify any correlation between all reported games. That being said, it is close to finding a solution and will provide more details soon. In the mean time, the issue is said to be not that widespread. Hence, it is unlikely that Jax will be temporarily disabled until a fix has arrived.

This is the second time in recent months that League of Legends has faced such a game-breaking bug. When Ornn was released, both teams would have their clients crash immediately if Mordekaiser killed the new champion with his ultimate ability. The Master of Metal was disabled for a small period of time, after which a hot-fix was released to amend the problem.