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FIFA 18 Glitch Causes Players’ Faces To Disappear On Nintendo Switch

FIFA 18 has launched for PC, current-gen consoles and Nintendo Switch and while the game has its own issues on PC but, Nintendo Switch version of the game has glitches of its own including one FIFA 18 Glitch that leaves players without any face.

While this glitch appears occasionally but, still it annoys gamers. You can see the glitch in the video below via Youtuber Snorth93. This FIFA 18 glitch causes players to have no faces which is quite disturbing for the Nintendo Switch users.

However, Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 is not the only version that has been facing issues as the PC users weren’t able to download the game at launch.

Also,  producer Andrei Lazarescu has expressed his frustration with gamers comparing the Switch version of FIFA 18 to current-gen versions. He added that he wouldn’t put Switch version against current-gen versions.

That’s the frustrating thing about it. I wouldn’t put this against the PS4 or Xbox One version, or vice versa, I would look at them as two individual football games. This one’s biggest advantage is that you can play it on the go.

FIFA 18 is a soccer simulator sports title developed by EA Sports for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.