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Job Listing Suggests Diablo 4 Might Feature An Extensive Multiplayer Component

Blizzard Entertainment is in no mood to talk or reveal anything Diablo related but, reports suggest that the studio is indeed working on Diablo 4. However, it seems that the upcoming Diablo 4 will feature an extensive multiplayer component.

The clue about Diablo 4 featuring an extensive multiplayer component comes from the recent Blizzard Entertainment job listing. According to the listing, the studio is looking for a Production Director who will work on new “Diablo” and has to have an experience in massive multiplayer games and online titles.

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a Production Director to bring the Diablo franchise into the future. We’re looking for a well-practiced producer, deeply familiar with the art of game development, our industry, and the AAA environment. The right fit for this position must have the veteran experience and leadership skills to continue keeping the team speeding along, harnessing their creativity, relentlessly clearing the way forward, all the while maintaining clear and constant communication with stakeholders throughout the organization.

However, given that World Of Warcraft is still going strong, an MMO based on Diablo is unlikely but, the studio might be looking to create a co-operative game like Destiny 2 with quests and a community hub. Check out full details by following this link.

However, until Blizzard officially announces it, take it as a grain of salt but, it will be interesting to see what kind ok multiplayer experience the studio will feature in Diablo 4.

What do you think of the online multiplayer functionality in Diablo 4? What are your expectations from the game? Let us know in the comments below.