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Destiny 2 Crashing Still an Issue on Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro

Destiny 2 has been out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for almost a month. But it seems its core issues are still not resolved. According to reports from the community, Destiny 2 crashing on PlayStation 4 Pro is still a thing. Ever since release,  the players reported the issue of crashing on PS4 Pro, it seems that is still a problem for some.

Random Destiny 2 crashing needs to be dealt with but so far Bungie has been unable to provide a fix. However, hopes for a solution in the coming days are high. While the issue plagues PlayStation 4 Pro, there are some reports of it affecting limited players on the base model as well.

Players have also reported issues with the Xbox One version.

Bungie did release a statement assuring fans that they won’t have to suffer for long. There is a fix in the works and it would be released soon. Meanwhile, players should stay-tuned to the official social media accounts of PlayStation as well as Bungie.

We are continuing to work with our platform partners at Sony to address an issue where players encounter PlayStation Error CE-34878-0 when attempting to visit the Tower, or during general gameplay.

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and will release on Xbox One X once the console is out. Also, a PC version is also coming out in the next 4 days. Pre-orders for the PC version are live on Blizzard app. The PC beta ran smoothly there weren’t many issues reported but the finished product is a different story. We can only hope it doesn’t suffer from the same issues as its PlayStation counterpart.

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