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Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding Will Be A More Realistic Experience Thanks To Motion Capture

Use of motion capture has become quite common in AAA titles and Hideo Kojima has revealed that he is using this tech for upcoming Death Stranding and the game will be a more realistic experience because of it and also revealed that the game will take full advantage of motion capture.

Speaking with Rolling Stones, Hideo Kojima discussed the advantages of motion capture and also briefly talked about its uses in the upcoming title, Death Stranding. According to Kojima, the game will be a more realistic experience as the studio was able to capture and recreate Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen’s performances digitally.

In my current project, Death Stranding, we’ve captured real, analog actors Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, and are recreating them digitally within the game. The ability to control a real actor is unique to the fiction of games, and leads to a more realistic experience; and that is the shared aim of games and movies alike. Digital technologies are the magic ingredient to achieve this goal.

Death Stranding is the immediate next project from Hideo Kojima after parting ways with Metal Gear Solid franchise. Many wondered why Kojima chose this game specifically and according to the man himself, this was his best idea for the gaming market at that time.

I come up with new ideas every day and they all override each other. I had several at the front of my mind, and we ended up choosing the game that – first of all – would be best for the market, and the one we were most enthusiastic about making. That was Death Stranding.

No release date has been announced for Death Stranding, but Hideo Kojima has hinted that the game will launch in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Rolling Stone