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Cuphead The Root Pack Boss Guide – How to Beat Botanic Panic Boss, Attacks, Boss Tips

In this Cuphead the Root Pack Boss Guide, we will guide you on how to defeat the boss The Root Pack in Cuphead. Cuphead is a PC and Xbox Exclusive and it is a huge nostalgic game for everyone.

There are different bosses in your adventure that you will need to defeat and The Root Pack is one of them. We have curated this Cuphead the Root Pack Boss Guide with tips and tricks so you can easily defeat the boss battle of The Root Pack.

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Cuphead the Root Pack Boss Guide

Cuphead the Root Pack Boss Guide details everything that you need to know about defeating The Root Pack in Cuphead.

Cuphead the Root Pack Boss

If you have always hated vegetables and wanted revenge on them, this boss battle is for you. The Root Pack is actually a pack of three vegetable i.e. Onion, Potato and Carrot and they are all out to kill you. Your boss battle starts with the potato.

The potato will come out of the ground at the right side of the screen and will fire at you dirt balls and pink snakes. Every attack will have the same order, three dirt balls and a pink snake at the end. Jump to avoid them and keep shooting at the potato and it will all after some time.

Next up is Onion. For some reason, Onion will cry all the time and its tears will fall from the sky. Your task is to avoid these tears and keep shooting at the onion. This part is pretty simple. He does not have any other attacks so you will kill the onion quickly as well.

Your last task is to kill the carrot. Of all the three, the carrot will require some work to kill as it shoots homing carrots at you and will use its third eye to shoot a beam at your current location, which you will need to avoid as well.

In addition, the location of the carrot makes it a little harder to hit. It spawns at the back of the area so you need to aim up and shoot at the carrot to hit it. Keep hitting it along with dodging the beam and shooting at the homing carrots and you will soon kill the carrot as well. Once all three are down, you The Root Pack Boss battle will be complete.

This concludes our Cuphead The Root Pack Boss Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!