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Cuphead Ribby and Croaks Boss Guide – How to Beat Clip Joint Calamity Boss, Attacks, Boss Tips

In this Cuphead Ribby and Croaks Boss Guide, we will guide you on how to defeat the boss Ribby and Croaks in Cuphead. Cuphead is a PC and Xbox Exclusive and it is a huge nostalgic game for everyone. There are different bosses in your adventure that you will need to defeat and ‘Ribby and Croaks’ is one of them.

We have curated this Cuphead Ribby and Croaks Boss Guide with tips and tricks so you can easily defeat the boss battle of Ribby and Croaks.

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Cuphead Ribby and Croaks Boss Guide

Cuphead Ribby and Croaks Boss Guide details everything that you need to know about defeating Ribby and Croaks in Cuphead.

Cuphead Ribby and Croaks Boss

This boss is actually a duo of Ribby and Croaks. When the battle starts, you will be present at the left side of the screen while the bosses will be located at the right side of the screen. As soon as the battle starts, start shooting at Ribby. Ribby will send firefists towards you so you will need to avoid them.

Some will be low, some medium and some high so the best strategy to dodge them is to duck down and keep shooting, only jump when he shoots the lower firefist.

During this, Ribby will stop and Croaks will send some fire bees, which will drop on you from above. You can dodge them but the best way is to kill them while they are still in the air so keep shooting at them. When enough damage has been done, Ribby will roll over to the left leaving Croaks on the right side, jump to avoid him, and the second phase of the battle will start.

During the second phase of the battle, you will be in the middle with Croaks and Ribby on either side. Croaks will turn into a fan and will try his best to blow you in Ribby’s glowing orbs, which he will shoot at you. Avoid the orbs and keep shooting at Croaks to deal damage.

Keep shooting until he will bend down with his mouth open and Ribby will roll in his mouth. Jump to avoid Ribby and once Ribby enters his mouth, they both turn into a slot machine starting the third phase of the battle.

During the third and the last phase of the battle, you will find yourself shooting at a giant slot machine. Dodge the gold coins that it shoots at you and parry the handle when it drops down and starts blinking.

When you parry it, the slot machine will spin the icons in the middle. Depending on the combination, you will get red discs shooting fire from the bottom or the top, look at the direction of the flame to figure that out, or you can get green discs, which simply spin and come towards you.

You can jump on top of both of these to avoid them, however, be careful of the red ones as some of them shoot fire from the top. Keep shooting the slot machine and it will go down eventually. Once done, you have successfully defeated the Ribby and Croaks Boss Battle.

This concludes our Cuphead Ribby and Croaks Boss Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!