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Cuphead Beppi the Clown Boss Guide – How to Beat Carnival Kerfuffle Boss, Attacks, Boss Tips

This Cuphead Beppi the Clown Boss Guide will tell you the easiest way to defeat the boss and give you tips and tricks on how you can efficiently dodge his attacks while making sure that your own attacks hit Beppi and deal damage.

You will encounter Beppi the Clown in Carnival Kerfuffle. This boss is quite difficult to beat due to the type of attacks that they can perform, especially for the players who are new to shooters such as this.

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Cuphead Beppi the Clown Boss Guide

At the beginning, you have to shoot Beppi when he is in the bumper car and avoid his dashes by jumping and ducking. He honks before he dashes so it should be quite easy to dodge his attacks as of now.

When you see the ducks, shoot them once to make them start spinning and then you will be able to pass through them without taking any damage. Just remember that ducks with a Molotov cocktail will explode when they hit the ground. You can also parry the pink ducks to increase your EX-gauge.

During the second phase, you only need to avoid the front of the rollercoaster to not take any damage. The dog enemies must also be avoided and the pink nose in front of the rollercoaster can be parried. Follow the pipes in the background to find four exit holes.

The dogs come from these holes so you need to stay away from them so as to not take a hit. Whenever the rollercoaster is not moving in the area, attack the balloon as much as you can.

Beppi will ride a horse in the third phase and will shoot two different patterns of attack. The rollercoaster will also move through the area. Try to stay away from the horse so you do not take damage from it.

Try to memorize the patterns and their indicators to easily dodge them, you might fail at the start but it will eventually get easier. You want to stay in the middle of the screen so that you can fire shots diagonally at Beppi and his horse. You can hit either of them to move through the stage.

In the final phase of the fight, Beppi will be on a merry go round and the rollercoaster will still be there. You can use the platforms on the screen to dodge the rollercoaster.

Keep on jumping from platform to platform. Try to stay away from the baseball players by not standing above them. It might seem a little difficult but practice will make it much easier as you progress through the level.

You need to dodge all of the aforementioned attacks and find time in between to attack the merry go round atop which Beppi resides. Eventually, you will finish him off and move on to the next stage.

That is all we have for our Cuphead Beppi the Clown Boss Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!