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Analyzing Steam: Average Prices Gone Down Since 2013, Number of Releases Increasing

Steam sales have seen tremendous growth over the years and Steam has become the biggest PC gaming platform in the world. PC market is flourishing and Steam is at the helm. The success is not only helping out AAA games developers but Steam is an indie heaven as well.

Since 2013, a total of 15,707 games have been released on the platform including games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Limbo, Everything’s Gone to the Rapture, and thousands more.  What’s interesting is that average prices have gone down in the past years, making Steam games more affordable for the consumer.

The average price in 2017 stands at $9.63, down from $9.75 of last year. The difference is significant when we jumped from 2010 ( $10.44), which is almost a dollar down.

The number of released games this year is expected to be close to 6000 with both indie and AAA games slated to launch till December. Seeing the trend, average product price should also go down by a few cents at least in 2018. In total, Steam has sold over 205,000,000 copies in 2017. With still a few months to go, the number may not go past last year’s 379,000,000.

The Fall season, as well as the Summer Sale, is where Steam makes most of its sales. Steam sales and the platform itself is contributing heavily to the success of PC gaming which is part of the reason why Xbox creator Microsoft is now jumping into PC gaming via its Xbox PlayAnywhere Program.

The program is a way for Microsoft to dip its figures into the PC market share but seeing how massive Valve’s platform has grown, it would be a near-impossible task to compete with it. Actually joining hands with Steam and allowing Microsoft games to release on the platform may do better for Redmond giant.