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A Custom Built Gaming PC For The Price Of An iPhone X, Which One Will You Choose?

As the launch of new iPhone X for $999, it made us wonder, what can a gamer do with such a huge sum of money. So we made a custom built gaming PC based on the budget. There’s a webportal that offers all sorts of parts comparison and assembling options for customized parts.

$999 is a huge sum of money and we have configured four different builds depending up on your needs and preferences. All of these builds will equip you with state of the art gaming experience. All games can run very well on settings of ‘Very high’ to ‘Ultra’ at 1080p.

This custom built gaming PC offers the best bang for your budget, a kick ass graphics card, a superior performing high end CPU, a gold certified Power supply unit paid up with a Samsung SSD and gaming RAM kits.

If you can crank up the budget by $20 above $999 you can get another solid build that will not only satisfy your premium gaming needs but will provide a solid back up option and an upgraded chassis with extra features, if you compare.

Then we have two other options for┬ácustom built gaming PC that are similar, they utilize Micro-ATX motherboards, if you don’t mind using them with limited ports but maximum performance, a mini ITX chassis for just the right amount of hardware to fit in and provide you with the same amount of gaming performance.

and this one :

You have to bear in mind that RAM speeds don’t make much difference in gaming frames per second. The major improvement that you will notice will always be because of a better GPU, a powerful CPU and paired up with a good quality power supply unit. The internet is filled with benchmarks proving high speed RAMs wont really benefit gaming that much. Secondly there’s a decent sum of money left that you can add to improve the quality, size and feature of hardware you can use.

All four of these custom built gaming PC Run with the same powerful GPU. The GTX 1070 8GB. That’s a solid gaming card for $400. If you’re looking for 1080p gaming with 60 FPS on very high to ultra settings there are so many options to choose from under $999 budget. All the games will perform better than high-end console versions recently launched.