Nintendo Has Shown Off The Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom

With Super Mario Odyssey getting closer and closer to release, Nintendo is starting to reveal more information about the game. In this case, they’ve revealed the Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom, which was previously revealed at the last Nintendo Direct. The Seaside Kingdom is only one of multiple areas.

Much of the Super Mario Odyssey focus has been on the city area, which features Mario in an environment unlike any we’ve ever seen before, a realistic big city. But now it’s time for the Seaside Kingdom to shine, which it does very well with its beach environments. We also get to see Mario in a swimsuit, if you’re into that sort of thing.

In the Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom, one of the main areas we see seems to drive the central conflict of the area: mainly that an octopus (in a very fancy outfit no less) is drinking up all of the beach’s Sparkle Water, putting it in jeopardy. So now it’s Mario’s responsibility to defeat the Octopus and return the Sparkle Water to the beach.

From what we can see the area looks beautiful, with white sandy beaches and beautiful weather making it seem like you’re having fun at the beach. Plus, it’s a Mario game, so you’re likely to have fun anyway. In addition to the environments, we also get to see a few pieces of the area including a lighthouse and a long tunnel that Mario has to capture a fish in order to swim through.

We also get to see a bit of Super Mario Odyssey’s camera, which allows you to take a photographic log of Mario’s adventures complete with a variety of filters.

Super Mario Odyssey will be coming out on October 27 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to take a look at the Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom stage for yourself, you can find the video further up the article.