New God Of War Revenant Video Shows Off Another New Enemy

This week has been a busy one for Sony Santa Monica, which has been posting numerous videos showing off some of the enemies you’ll be facing in the new game. Now we’ve been given a God of War Revenant video, showing off concept art for a spellcaster enemy from the game.

The other videos that we’ve seen that have told us about God of War enemies include ones about the Draugr and the Fire Troll, both of which we saw in the game’s reveal trailer for E3 2016. Revenants, however, are a new enemy, and according to the blurb on the video a Revenant in the game is a person who’s been completely consumed by devotion to Seidr, a type of sorcery that was used in the time of Vikings.

While there weren’t really any magic-wielding enemies in the old God of War games in Greece, the Revenants might be a different can of worms entirely. The God of War Revenant video doesn’t show off any of their combat abilities, so we don’t quite know what they’re capable of, but they’ll likely be able to buff your enemies or even attack you from afar, possibly even teleporting away before you can get close.

The Revenants, Draugr, and Fire Trolls will likely only be one of the many enemies that Kratos and Atreus will be facing in their journey across Midgard, but considering all of these new videos that we’ve gotten the video featuring the Revenant may only be the most recent of many to come.

To see the God of War Revenant video for yourself, you can look further up the article to see it for yourself. God of War will be coming out exclusively for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro sometime in early 2018, so in the meantime we’ll just have to keep an eye out.