Destiny 2 Trials Of The Nine Available Today With New Map

Destiny 2 is out for just a few weeks but players are already wishing for some more end-game material. After the Leviathan Raid and the first week of Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine, a second one is comencing today and is bringing a new mode and a new map with it.

Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine is an endgame competitive-mode in which you go into a 4v4 match (matchmaking is not available) by clicking on the Trials node, inside Crucible in the Director. To be eligible to participate in the Trials of the Nine you’ll need to have completed the campaign, fulfilled the Call to Arms Milestone at least once, and have a Power level of at least 260.

When all requirements are fullfiled and your team is formed you will be taken to the given Trial map where you will be matched against other teams of four players in a total of 7 matches. After each won match you will be awarded token which can be redeimed to a special vendor in the Spire, a new social space for all those who win at least on match.

Remember that there are no loadouts for Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine so you must gear up at your best before the loading screen. Bungie has previously hinted some mild nerfs and balances on some of the game’s guns since they just got their hands on the first player data since Destiny 2 launched so we may see some changes in the loadout soon.

Also, details have been leaked regarding the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event which starts next month. Bungie has not revealed anything yet but, fans have found some details regarding Destiny 2 Iron Banner event from the game’s database.

This week’s Destiny 2 Treals of the Nine are starting today and will be ongoing until October 2nd so make sure you find your perfect squad and fill out those requirements to get your hands on this week’s Trial loot.