Pokemon Starter Trainer’s Pack Will Be Coming With Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Alongside the Veteran Trainer’s Dual Pack and the steelbook versions of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players also have the option to buy a version of the game that comes with a Pokemon Starter Trainer’s Pack, which will give you a number of goodies to help you on your way.

The Starter Trainer’s Pack includes a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, twelve Revives to help you bring downed Pokemon back up to fighting shape, and a special keychain that gives you different versions of Necrozma depending on what version of the game you get: Dusk Mane Necrozma for Ultra Sun, Dawn Wings Necrozma for Ultra Moon.

It’s probably the cheaper option too, considering that the Veteran Trainer’s Pack costs $80. However, the Veteran Trainer’s Pack may be seen as a better deal. The pack gives you both games, 16 Pokemon art cards, and a download code that will give you 200 Poke Balls, so if you’re willing to shell out 80 bucks for you and a friend or just something you can use to trade Pokemon between versions without having to try and find someone else to trade with.

Either version will make the early game a bit easier for you when Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon comes out, whether you buy the Pokemon Starter Trainer’s Pack or the Veteran Trainer’s Pack. Not to mention, if you buy it fast enough post-release, players will also get a special Pokemon to work with in the form of a special Rockruff.

This Rockruff is unique in that it can’t be caught in either of the actual games, and will be able to evolve into the special new Dusk Lycanroc evolution, specifically for the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be coming out on November 17, and you’ll have until January 10 of next year to get the special Rockruff. Whether you buy the steelbook, Veteran pack, or the Pokemon Starter Trainer’s Pack, hopefully you’ll have fun when the game releases.