You Can Get Nintendo Switch Wireless Audio Without Being An Engineer Or Voiding Warranty

Nintendo Switch wireless audio is not something that is natively supported and while there are a couple of videos of people that have opened up the Nintendo Switch and have been able to tinker around to get Nintendo Switch wireless audio, this is not something that everyone can do and people are going to hesitate, keeping in mind that this will void the warranty.

If you are not an engineer and want to keep things safe then we have a cheap way of getting Nintendo Switch wireless audio that won’t take much time. While wireless audio is something that is native to almost every single modern device the Switch does not have this feature. All you need to get Nintendo Switch wireless audio is a wireless audio dongle and some dual lock strip.

The interesting thing is that the dongle comes in a variety of prices and qualities so you could go for a cheap one or a better and more expensive one depending on your budget and preference. All you need to do is attach the dongle to the back of the device with the dual lock strips and plug in the dongle in the headphone jack. Simple yet convenient at the same time.

While this might not be the most elegant way of doing things, it is safe and you will have the warranty intact. Images have been included so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. The Nintendo Switch is a very popular device and I think that the next version of the device will support 1080p 30 FPS gaming in handheld mode.

The lack of this feature might be addressed in the future but for now, this is one way of getting by.

Let us know what you think about this method of getting Nintendo Switch wireless audio and whether or not the lack of Nintendo Switch wireless audio native support is affecting you.