iPhone 8 Plus Batteries Bloating In Taiwan And Japan

There have been reports of swollen battery in iPhone 8 Plus. A woman from Taiwan purchased a 64Gb iPhone 8 Plus on 23rd September and used it for 3 days until she saw the battery started swelling, when the phone was on charge.

According to the lady, phone was only charging for three minutes before it started to bloat. As evident in the picture, the battery bloated so much that, panel has moved from its original position and there’s a visible gap in between two sides of the phone.

Another user in Japan also tweeted the same issue but this time, even before opening the box. When he unboxed the phone, the battery was already swollen, he got so worried that he put the phone in a frying pan while giving it back to the service franchise.

Judging from Apple’s quality control and after sales service trends. They have launched repair programs before, for phones that have battery issues. They have done that with the iPhone 6s and they have responded to similar claims in December 2016 with iPhones.

They did, however, made a discretion that a cracked screen iPhone will not be replaced immediately with a brand new, instead it will require extra cost to cover for the screen damage. Because obviously, the Screens are too expensive.

Hopefully Apple will respond to such battery bloating claims. We cannot forget the Samsung’s fiasco on the exploding Note 7s. This is indeed a fraction of the total production. But even if one user suffers from it, his word of mouth will alert others as well. Ultimately this will affect the sales of the iPhone 8 Plus to some extent.

We have yet to receive any official statement, warranty program, repair solution from Apple. While the reported cases are a few, there still needs to be a solution for the faulty batteries.