Bungie Admits There Is A Bug With Destiny 2 Lost Sector Chests And Cayde’s Stash

Destiny 2 players are frustrated by how chests work in the game like their cooldown is too long and Cayde’s Stash maps give players almost nothing for tracking the chests down. However, Bungie has broke silence on the matter and has confirmed that there is a bug in Destiny 2 that doesn’t let chests operate properly.

In the latest blog post, Bungie confirmed that the cooldown is only intended for the standard Destiny 2 chests and revealed that Cayde’s Stash and Lost Sector chests should not function according to the cooldown.

It is expected that if too many planetary chests are opened within a short amount of time, players may not receive item. Cayde’s Stash and Lost Sector chests should not follow this functionality. We will provide updates on our investigation when available.

Also, Bungie requires players’ help to resolve this issue and has asked players to head to Bungie’s forums and describe the issue.

According to Bungie, they want to know what types of chests are not providing rewards and if players interacted with chests or planetary materials before opening them.

According to Bungie, while they don’t recommend it but, has asked players to ensure they haven’t done the above-mentioned things before opening a Lost Sector Chest or Cayde’s Stash chest to avoid not receiving any rewards while opening them.

In related news, Bungie has hinted that Weapon Balances will be coming soon. According to Bungie, it is too soon to announce any Destiny 2 weapons changes but, assured that they are coming.

We’re not ready to go into detail about any weapon or ability tuning at this point, but there is an ongoing process in play, so we did want to drop a quick line and say…We have heard your feedback. Thank you!

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and the PC version will launch in October.

Source: Bungie