The C64 Mini Revealed, Commodore 64 With Save Feature, HDMI and Keyboard

Retro lovers are going to rejoice when they’ll get their hands on the Commodore 64 mini. Yes you heard it right The C64 Mini is the upcoming reboot of the nostalgic console. This version is lighter, 50% smaller in size and a fine quality replica.

Following the trend like the NES classic Mini version that retails for 100-200$, set to release this week, the C64 Mini will launch in 2018 as per details released by the official website. The company doing the project for this console is Retro Games Ltd.

The C64 Mini comes with built in 64 games, basic programming, an HDMI port to connect it to your TV and two USB ports. There’s an old school Competition Pro-looking joystick, that plugs into one of two USB ports. Not sure if it’s as durable as the original one. The finish looks good though.

Similar to the Mini SNES, The C64 Mini will offer progress save support that will save the arduous time consumed in retrying to finish the game in one good. That was a much needed feature back in the 80s and early 90s where you’ll have to give it your best with countless tries and rigorous practice to beat the game.

But unlike the Mini SNES, there’s an option to plug in a USB keyboard. That offers basic commands and programming within the console.

The built in games on The C64 Mini a pretty good line-up, with classics such as Armalyte, Impossible Mission, Monty On The Run, Paradroid, Spindizzy, and Uridium. The C64 was also big in America, and while the games announced so far are mostly British there are some American titles in there too.

Retro games are working together with Deep Silver owner Koch Media. So that should mean they’re a lot more reliable and above aboard. The full list of confirmed games can be found here. The C64 Mini is expected to release in 2018 and there’s no confirmations on the pricing yet.