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Skyrim Survival Mode Will Be True Test Of Your Survival Skills, PC Beta Now Available

Bethesda has announced a Survival Mode for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition for PC and consoles which will add more depth to the gameplay and will test player’s skills while surviving in the wilds. Skyrim Survival Mode is currently available in beta on Steam.

Now let’s talk about what this Skyrim Survival Mode is all about. In this mode, players will have to take mainly three elements into account which are hunger, fatigue, and weather. Hunger will impact player’s stamina, if the player is not well fed then the total stamina will drop and eating food will restore it.

However, you can’t just eat anything and be done with it as players will have to decide what they eat. Cooked food will restore more stamina compared to the raw food and if you eat raw meat then players can get food poisoning which will restrict you from getting any health benefits until the poison effect is gone.

Fatigue is another main element in Skyrim Survival Mode that players will have to take into account. If the player doesn’t rest and keeps on going then your potions will not be that much effective and the ability to recover stamina and health will also decrease.

Players will have to rest from time to time to combat fatigue, however, sleeping outdoors will partially store your abilities and to fully restore them players will have to sleep in the bed.

With Skyrim Survival Mode players will have to take Weather into account. Players will need to wear armor with warmth values to survive in the cold weather. If the player gets cold the health will drop and the player will eventually die. Furthermore cold will also affect your lockpicking skill and movement speed.

PS4 and Xbox One players will get to experience the Survival mode next week and this mode will be free to all PC and console players for the first week following the launch. You can check out more details about this mode by following this link.

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