Nintendo Switch Refresh Should Be Capable Of 1080p Gaming In Handheld Mode Using The Next Gen Nvidia Tegra CPU

The Nintendo Switch is a very popular device because of the portability factor that it has to offer. All things considered, this is still a first generation product and as is the case with all first-generation products, there is ample room for improvement. Nintendo Switch refresh could support 1080p gameplay in the handheld mode in 2019 with the help of the next-gen Nvidia Tegra CPU.

We just got the first specs of the upcoming next-generation Nvidia Tegra CPU and the specs are impressive. The upcoming Nvidia Tegra Processor, Code-named Xavier features 8 CPU cores and Volta-based 512 GPU CUDA cores. The CPU is going to be sampled in 2018 and mass production will begin in 2019.

People were hoping that the Nvida Tegra X1 in the Nintendo Switch news was not true and people wanted the Switch to feature the Nvidia Tegra X2 at least. The X2 features 256 CUDA cores and 4 CPU cores. If indeed the upcoming Nintendo Switch refresh comes with the next generation Tegra CPU then not only will it be a lot better than the original CPU in the Nintendo Switch but it will also be twice as powerful as the X2.

This should be plenty for 1080p 30 FPS gaming, even in handheld mode, provided that the chip is efficient and the power delivery system is up to the mark. If all these boxes are checked then playing titles on the Nintendo Switch at 1080p should not be an issue. Of course, everything will not be perfect, this could affect battery life and the graphics will be turned down a bit but this is the price for portability.

Let us know what features you want in the Nintendo Switch refresh and whether or not the Switch with the next generation Nvidia Tegra CPU will be able to hit 1080p in handheld mode.