FIFA 18 Corner Kicks Tutorial – How to Take, Scoring Tips

In this FIFA 18 Corner Kicks Tutorial, we will guide you on how to score directly from the Corner Kicks. Corner Kicks are very important during the matches and you must know how to successfully land corner kicks in your favor.

As much as they are important during the matches, most of the players do not know how to take out the most from corner kicks. With the help of this FIFA 18 Corner Kicks Tutorial, you will be landing successfully Corner Kicks in no time.

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FIFA 18 Corner Kicks Tutorial

FIFA 18 Corner Kicks Tutorial details everything that you need to know about Corner Kicks in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Corner Kicks

FIFA 18 Corner Kicks – How to Score

Corner Kicks are shot from either corner of the goal when a team accidentally kicks the ball out of the field near their own goal. These corner kicks offer a great chance to score a successful goal.

Although the corner kicks are very important for a team, most of the players do not know how to land a successful corner kick and make the most out of them to score a goal.

You should know that not every player on your team could easily hit good corner kicks. You should always pick a player that has the most curve. Higher the curve, more effective his corner kick will be.

Avoid using players with weak curve skill. This can be seen in the player list and checking out the CRV Skill tab. Higher this figure is, more curve will be added to the shots by that player.

After that, you need to set the power of the shot. For a corner kick, you must set the power to four. That is maximum. Set the power to full for the corner shots. Higher the power, further the curve will be added to the shot and more easily it can be curved.

You can select the curve with the left joystick. A small yellow circle will indicate where the ball will land with that specific amount of curve added to the shot. Use the shoot button to take to corner shot when the power meter is at full that is four bars.

Practice a bit and you will be an ace scorer from corners in no time.

This concludes our FIFA 18 Corner Kicks Tutorial. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!