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Don’t Expect Any Major Updates To Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft has been making changes and improvements to the Xbox One dashboard since its launch, however, the console will not receive any major changes or updates for the Dashboard from now on. That is according to Microsoft Corporate Vice President.

Mike Ybarra announced through his official Twitter account while replying to a fan that Xbox One dashboard will not be receiving any major updates or improvements going forward but, assured that there will be some minor adjustments.

Thanks 🙂 I like where we are now. I expect small adjustments going forward vs. big changes.

The reason behind might be due to the fact that Microsoft generally doesn’t make any major changes in these months till Holiday season as a lot of new players join Xbox community and the changes can cause confusion among the newcomers.

Speaking of the Xbox One dashboard, Microsoft has promised that it will be streamlined for performance across all Xbox devices. According to Mike, Xbox One X offers much more powerful hardware and RAM and he has already discussed with Phil Spencer about the general improvements to the Xbox One X dashboard.

I feel great about where we’ve come today, but we designed this UI to be across the whole family and to only use a static amount of system resources so that even on S and the original Xbox One it runs absolutely great.

As for the upcoming Xbox One X, Microsoft is very confident that gamers will recognize the value of the console. According to Aaron Greenberg, when Xbox One X comes to the market, players will see what 4K looks like and will be very “impressed” by it.

He added that lots of side by side comparisons will pop up on the internet which will also help in gamers recognizing the Xbox One X value.

Xbox One X will be available on November 7, 2017, in the US and will be priced at $499.