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Worry Not, Death Stranding Artist Hasn’t Left Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions recently responded to rumors about Yoji Shinkawa leaving their Death Stranding team as being false. They tweeted saying Yoji is still with them. The rumors began to surface when last week at TGS 2017, Shinkawa was confirmed as a character design lead at Square Enix surprise title. Following the news, fans got worried if he already left Kojima Productions.

A fan also posted a new photo as proof that Shinkawa is still working on “Death Stranding” with Hideo Kojima. Therefore it is clear now that there’s nothing to worry about. Despite Shinkawa working on a separate project, he is still with the team behind “Metal Gear” series.

Gamers are more excited than before since they’re going to get two separate games from the same artist.

">Death Stranding and Left Alive. Death Stranding is due for PS4 release and later on Windows PC via Steam.

">Left Alive is an upcoming title underdevelopment by Square Enix, which they recently revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2017. This is Shinkawa’s new project and impressed a lot of fans. The latest third-person shooter title takes place in the world of “Front Mission”. It features three protagonists, left alone in a city of Russia, devastated by war. Each of them does what it takes to survive.

No official release date has been revealed about both the titles and since they’re in development phase, chances are we won’t get to play them before 2018. Since Left Alive is developed and published by Square Enix. It’s bound to be released on PlayStation 4 as well as Windows PC.

Hideo Kojima is famous for his legendary MGS franchise, that’s one of the biggest reasons people anticipate great games from Kojima’s team. Death Stranding’s trailer last year left the fans wanting for more.

Because they always make sure to bring us something that’s innovative, excellent and developed with precise details in story and gameplay, to connect with. For more on Left Alive and Death Stranding keep following SegmentNext.