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AMD Pinnacle Ridge CPUs To Launch In February 2018, Enterprise Pinnacle Pro Coming May 2018

New reports claim that AMD Pinnacle Ridge CPUs will be coming in February and will be headed by the AMD Pinnacle Ridge 7 series. The more mainstream AMD Pinnacle Ridge 5 and 3 CPUs will be coming out later in March. We got the leaked roadmap but this move seems to be an effort to catch up to Intel Coffee Lake. AMD Pinnacle Ridge CPUs are based on the 12nm low-power process by Globalfoundries.

The upcoming AMD Pinnacle CPUs should provide better performance and lower power consumption as compared to what we currently have on the market from team Red. AMD did say that Ryzen was the worst case scenario due to budget and time constraints, so let’s see what AMD can come up with given more time and money to complete what the company started.

Reports claim that AMD expects its CPU market share to come to 30% in 2018. Talking about enterprise CPUs, AMD Pinnacle Ridge Pro will be coming out in May 2018 and there will also be low power versions of the CPU as well.

According to reports:

Their corresponding chipsets, the 400 series, will also become available in March 2018 with X470- or B450-based motherboards to be the first to hit the store shelves. The chipsets are still designed by ASMedia and its orders for the chipsets are expected to grow dramatically starting January 2018.

AMD has had a lot of success in the market with the AMD Ryzen series and Threadripper doing so well in the CPU market and the AMD RX Vega GPUs flying out the doors. Miners bought all the AMD GPUs that they could find and that has added up to AMD getting a lot of market share. AMD has seen 19% sequential growth in second-quarter 2017 and that number is expected to grow to 23% later on this year.

Let us know what you think about AMD Pinnacle Ridge CPUs and whether or not you are interested in upgrading next year.