AMD GPU Services 5.1.1 Delivers FreeSync 2 And Shader Extensions To Developers

AMD GPU Services 5.1.1 update was just released and this brings a couple of new things for developers to experiment with. These new innovations include FreeSync 2 and shader extensions. While FreeSync 2 is not something new, it has not been used in many monitors and there are only a few out there from Samsung. With AMD GPU Services 5.1.1 update we will see more models with FreeSync 2.

AMD GPU Services 5.1.1 update will allow developers to integrate all these features into the games that they are working on. It is important to note that these functions are not available through the graphics API’s like DX11 or DX12 and they have to be integrated directly. You can click here to check out the difference between FreeSync and G-Sync.

With FreeSync 2, AMD aims to perform Tone Mapping directly onto the GPU. This will reduce signal latency and signal transmission. HDR and Low Framerate Compensation have a special role to play when it comes to FreeSync 2. The shader extensions also play an important role here. These will allow developers to integrate different functions directly onto the hardware API.

Shader extensions are supported by the Polaris and Vega GPUs but we have yet to see what kind of performance improvements they have to offer. In some cases, individual functions can be carried out up to twice as fast but that tells us little about the actual performance of the graphics cards. The changes since AGS 5.0.6 are as follows:

  • App registration extension for DX11.
  • Freesync 2 HDR support.
  • Wave reduce and wave scan shader extensions.
  • AMD user markers for DX12.
  • Eyefinity bug fixes.
  • MultiDrawIndexedInstancedIndirectCountIndirect parameter bug fix.
  • Static lib versions of the binary.
  • VS2017 support for the samples.

While the AMD GPU Services 5.1.1 does provide developers with these updates, it will be up to the developers to decide whether or not they are going to integrate these features. You can check out the details here.

let us know what you think about the AMD GPU Services 5.1.1 update.