Valve Removed Almost 200 Games From Steam Citing Them As Fake

For a past few months Valve has been trying to clean Steam of fake games and devs and in doing so the company has removed almost 200 games from Steam which can be considered as the biggest removal of games in a single day in the history of the platform.

To be exact,Valve has removed 173 games from Steam and the company has confirmed to Polygon that the all of the removed games were developed by Silicon Echo Studios and there is also a good reason for Valve to remove games at such a scale.

The studio and its games came to the attention of Valve after YouTuber SidAlpha uploaded a video in which he talked about his research on games developed Silicon Echo Studios. According to the video, the studio’s titles accounted for 10% of all Steam games released in July and August. You can see the video below.

The reason for the game’s removal was not just the “asset-flipping” but, the games were available for cheap and then players could use them to collect Steam Trading cards and then sell these cards in the gray market. According to the report, the cards sold for much as 25 cents which doesn’t seem much but, with enough sales, it could amount to a significant number and it also earns the dev their share.

This is the same thing for which Valve introduced “Confidence Metric” to combat the trading card system abuse.

Valve has also issued a statement saying that the company has a dedicated team which is monitoring reports and identifying fake games. “These accounts were generating a lot of reports and frustration from customers and other developers. It turns out that the bad actors were all the same person operating under different accounts.”

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Source: Polygon