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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Arcade Mode Allows Offline Co-Op Play For Testing

A new video starring John Boyega has gone over the details of the multiple different game modes in the upcoming Battlefront game, including information about the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 Arcade Mode. This will, hopefully, be more substantial than the previous game’s “offline” mode, and will actually be a real game mode.

Arcade Mode will allow you to test out your heroes and classes in an offline setting, allowing you to get used to their powers and abilities and be able to test out the various Star Cards that you’ll be playing with. If you play the mode online, you’ll be able to use it through cooperative play with a friend.

This fixes another problem that some people had with the original game’s “single player” modes, which were for the most part single player in the sense that you couldn’t even invite a friend to play with you in the game. However, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Arcade Mode does still have a number of different challenges and scenarios for you to go through.

Considering all of the different ways that you can play Battlefront 2, whether it’s in Starfighter Assault, Galactic Assault, Blast, Strike, Heroes vs Villains, or even Arcade, the game has a lot going for it that the first game never did.

DICE and EA have heard the complaints of players about the previous Battlefront game, and have really stepped their game up. Battlefront 2 has all three eras available to play across a wide variety of 18 different maps, along with many more heroes, weapons, and vehicles than the original game, which got harsh criticism for a lack of content.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be releasing for the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and the PC on November 17 of this year. To see more about the various game modes you can play in the game including the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Arcade mode, take a look at this video to learn about the game from John Boyega.