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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Details Revealed, Alola Island Challenge, Alola Photo Club And More Confirmed

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon is scheduled to launch in November and developer Game Freak has been revealing new details about the game. Now the developers have shared some more details regarding the returning challenges and more.

According to Game Freak, Alola Island Challenge will be returning to Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon and will also be a main quest in the game. Furthermore, some challenges will be different and the game will also include a new trial. Furthermore, Legendary Pokémon Necrozma, Psychic-type Pokemon, will be appearing in the game.

The game will feature over 400 Pokemon which is more compared to Pokemon Sun And Moon. Also, Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon will feature exclusive Pokemon like every dual release. Houndoom will be exclusive to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Manectric will be exclusive to Ultra Moon.

The game will also feature a new rider Pokémon “Mantine Surf”. This Pokemon will not only serve as a traveling option between the islands but, will also help in surfing mini-games.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon will also feature Alola Photo Club which as the name suggests will allow players to capture in-game photos. Players can enhance the images with backgrounds, camera angles, poses, and filters. These photos can be shared through Nintendo 3DS’ online features.

Also, Lillie has been confirmed for the upcoming Pokemon title. The character was confirmed through a poster showing Lillie holding a Pokeball. The poster hints that Lillie has managed to become a Pokemon trainer.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon will launch on November 17, 2017, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.